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Sep 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
sense of paul ryan he is another version of romney and that's not giving him a new era of voters coming in. >> the base didn't need paul ryan because they had balm and that was enough for the republican base to turn out to oust the president from office. >> fascinating stuff. i love the fact in your book there are two categories of hero, weather forecasters and gamble ers. >> what they have in common is they think of things in terms of probability. 20% chance of rain and might be frustrating because they are not giving you an exact answer and if you play poker, i made my living playing poker for a couple of years and you know that your opponent can have a miracle hand that will beat yours. >> and your prediction is storm clouds possible hurricane wiping him out. >> the metaphor drawing to an inside straight is not far off. a one in ten chance and if his polls look like this after the first debate that's where we will be at. we will look at a one in ten chance. real error in the polling or october surprise. he has a little window now but the thing is you lose time and if you want to swit
Sep 27, 2012 12:00am EDT
for romney to pick up undecided voters. he has to have something to happen to someone that says they are going to vote for obama like a crisis in europe. the most bullish sign for romney has been the stock market is getting jittery about spain and europe. that october surprise scenario could move the numbers, but romney's running out of time for routine things like the debates and the set pieces in the campaign. >> how important -- i mean president clinton told me last night that the debates will be crucial for romney. he could turn everything around. one great debate, in the first debate particularly. if he can taurnd the 47% fiasco, which has been a disaster because of the impression he gave, that he didn't understand who the 47% were. the arrogance that comes with being a wealthy, detached guy not caring about people who need help. what can he do in that debate? what would you recommend him to do? >> i think the 47% comments revealed he wasn't doing what 101 politics say you should do and play to the center. he has written off people that might have the median income and belo
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
means it is not good enough for romney to pick up the undecided voters. which might mean like a crisis and you rup. the bullish sign has been in the stock market which has been getting jittery like spain and europe. romney is running out of time like routine things like the debate. l bill clinton told me that the debates are going to be crucial for romney. the first debate if he can turn around the 47% fiasco. it could be a disaster. the impression he gave that comes with being a wealthy detached guy not caring about people who need help. what would you recommend he do? >> i think the 47% comment revealed, he wasn't doing what you should do play to the center. he has written off peak who have the median income and below. the text book strategy is can you find a way. he is not taughting out ideology saying i can be a reasonable manager. that was his message at first sand he is trying to find different approaches which is what you do when you are losing and he should have stuck to the message he had all along instead of trying to pick paul ryan and we are going to have a discussio
Sep 28, 2012 12:00am PDT
against likely voters have obama comfortably ahead. this is a big problem for mitt romney, isn't it? >> i don't think it's quite a big a problem as you have made it out to be. there was a poll suffolk university had out just tonight that had obama up by two. so it is true you've got obama up in swing states like virginia by small margins. but there's become this narrative that's really developed over the last week that the race is starting to get away from governor romney that i think is not really founded in necessarily good data. you know, out of five polls that will come out in the week, there's always one poll that will show some margin where it shows obama winning a state like virginia or ohio or florida by a margin that's greater than he won it in 2008. i think governor romney's a stronger candidate. i think the fundamentals are better for republicans. i have a very hard time believing some of these polls that are showing, you know, obama up by ten points in a place like ohio, and especially virginia. i do expect to be in the republican column come november. >> charles blow, one of
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
think that's what the voters will absorb rather than whether either one of them hems or haws a little bit. >> this is mitt romney joking about rob portman playing president obama in some of the rehearsals. >> do you know what he does on weekends? do you know what he does? he plays barack obama. can you believe that? he does. he plays barack obama. he plays him well, too. i hate to tell you. we get the chance to debate one another after the hour and a half or so is over, i want to kick him out of the room. he's so good. >> if mitt romney kicked barack obama out of the room, it would be quite something. >> i imagine he might kick rob portman out of the room for some of the things he said. no, he -- look, i think when they get together, they're going to start talking about the issues. they're going to start talking about the economy. why the deficit's been above $1 trillion now four years running, and maybe if the moderators get into it, what's happening in the middle east, and what they think they can do about it. i think that governor romney's plan's going to be to try to stick to the
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)